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“Explore Tenerife’s natural pools: A hidden paradise!”

Tenerife’s Natural Pools have a lot to offer! Beyond its beautiful beaches of golden and black sands, today we’re diving into Tenerife’s natural pools, known as “charcos” by the locals. They’re like Mother Nature’s private pools, born from the erosion of volcanic rock by the wind and the fury of the Atlantic.

Some have been adapted by human hands, while others remain wild and untamed. In all of them, the sea comes and goes as it pleases, making you feel like you’re in a secret corner of the world where nature dazzles you with its grandeur and symphony of foam and salt.

Before we begin, we have some recommendations for you: if possible, wear appropriate footwear for rocks in Tenerife, as many of the beaches and/or rock pools have floors composed of small rocks.

If you’re sensitive on your feet, it’s better to get yourself some rock beach shoes – you can purchase them at any sports store on the island! It’s important to choose a day with not much wind to enjoy a calm tide, and although it may seem obvious, you should know how to swim to avoid unnecessary scares on your vacation (especially if traveling with children), as being a wild place created by nature, some may be deeper than they seem.

Finally, your best ally on this journey will be GPS. I’ll leave you with all the links to the recommended places so you have them just a click away on Google Maps. Let’s save time and space on long, hard-to-remember addresses!

Now, let’s get to the list! We haven’t organized it in any specific order so you can choose at your leisure:

Tenerife’s Natural Pools: Discover the beauty of the Natural Pool of La Jaca

Located in La Jaqua, a small village in the south of the island, this charming pool is one of the most tranquil. Its coastline of black sands resembles a small beach. If you visit with children, it’s an ideal spot, as the depth increases gradually as you venture into it. Additionally, it features a staircase that allows access to the deepest part (ideal for experienced swimmers).

As you immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, you may encounter small fish playing around you. At the bottom of the pool, you’ll find a wall of volcanic rock acting as a breakwater, from where you can capture unique and extraordinary moments with the pool and the sea as a backdrop.

The village also offers some small trails and viewpoints where you can enjoy incredible views after your swim.

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Tenerife's Natural Pools

Tenerife’s Natural Pools: Explore the wonders of the El Caletón pools in Garachico

This place is one of the natural pools where humans have intervened to improve services without losing its original charm covered in lava. It offers amenities such as nearby parking, a playground, and nearby establishments where you can eat and drink during your visit. During the summer, it also has lifeguards. But the best part is that after your swim, you can enjoy the charm of the town of Garachico. In Garachico, you can take a walk along its coastline, which is small but picturesque.

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There, you’ll find the small castle of San Miguel, dating back to the 16th century, and the convent of the nuns, even older, from the 15th century. Additionally, you can explore the peculiar cobbled streets full of historic buildings. And for lovers of artisanal ice cream, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the delicious ice creams offered in the area. A refreshing experience after a day in the natural pool!

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Tenerife’s Natural Pools: Immerse yourself in the freshness of the Natural Pool of Bajamar

The Bajamar Natural Pool, located in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, is a lovely place to enjoy the sea in a safe environment. It has been designed for family enjoyment, offering everything you need, including lifeguards, parking, various shops, and two large pools plus a small one for children. This makes them some of the largest natural pools in Tenerife, as natural “charcos” tend to be smaller. They also have an excellent breakwater that, unlike other natural pools, you can enjoy even with rough seas.

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Far from worrying, prepare your camera, because the waves will gift you unforgettable moments as they crash against the breakwater. This makes it a special corner where you can immerse yourself in the sea without worries and enjoy the natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Tenerife's Natural Pools:

Tenerife’s Natural Pools: Marvel at the grandeur of the Natural Pool Acantilado de Los Gigantes

It’s a secluded place where you can enjoy the sea alongside privileged views of the Los Gigantes cliffs. Access to the natural pool is quite convenient, crossing a long row of steps that lead directly to the bathing area. Although the Los Gigantes area may have abundant waves on some days of the year, the natural pool has an outer wall that serves as a breakwater and protects swimmers from moderate waves. You’ll be able to take amazing photos of the clash between the sea and the breakwater. An important advantage of this place is that there are many more places to visit.

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Make the most of the day to explore other nearby pools and viewpoints from where you can appreciate the best views of the cliffs. If the tide is low, I recommend going to see El Charco del Amor, also known as the Love Cave, which is very close by. To everyone’s delight, the force of the Atlantic has shaped a heart in the volcanic rock, which you can observe if the tide is calm. And if you’re lucky enough to be alone without another swimmer, you can take some unique photos in the heart of Los Gigantes.

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Tenerife's Natural Pools

Tenerife’s Natural Pools: Enjoy the charm of Charco de la Laja in San Juan de la Rambla

A crystal-clear pool surrounded by black volcanic rocks, ideal for snorkeling and admiring marine life. It is located in a small neighborhood of San Juan de la Rambla, in the north of the island. It has nearby parking, and you begin to enjoy it from the viewpoint that bears its name, where you’ll unleash the photographer in you with the privileged views of the green northern coasts offered by its viewpoint. But we warn you, you have to go down some long stairs that will fuel your desire to reach and immerse yourself in its crystalline and calm waters.

If you like wild, untamed beaches where humans haven’t intervened in their natural beauty, you can visit the nearby Playa de los Roques, accessible by a dirt road. It’s a small black sand beach where you can experience the Atlantic Ocean in its most natural form. You’ll also find large crabs among the rocks, adding a distinctive charm to the beach.

These natural pools we’ve described here are just a small sample of what Tenerife offers, but there are many more rock pools you can discover for yourself. We encourage you to explore the island and its magical corners. Hope you have a great time!

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